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Podcast on hold....production stuff :-]

I've decided to put Trance Journey on hold temporarily (you may have noticed the lack of 'monthly' episode updates). At the moment I'm working on a couple different original tracks. Basically....making (quality) trance/progressive tracks can be hard work...

For now...stay tuned for guest mix links, mashups, and/or news updates!
Posted on Tuesday 07 February 2012 - 15:31:01  by DJ RPG  

Guest mix for the 'Ed Santiago Impressionism Podcast'

check out a guest mix I did for Ed Santiago's Impressionism podcast in the coming weeks 8)

tracklist & download link soon.
Posted on Tuesday 07 February 2012 - 00:40:29  by Admin  

New Site up now

Check out the new full website redesign 8)

The mobile site should be up soon..and will work ok with popular devices such as Apple iPhone, iPod, Android phones, & Windows Phone7.

*A few page edits, bug fixes are in progress
Posted on Monday 16 January 2012 - 22:01:46  by Admin  

Playing @ decibel Lounge Saturday!

Coming up on 12/31/11......

------ New Years 2012 @ decibel ------ I'll be playing a set along with DJs: AllMyT DJ Dorian Jason Morabito Dr. Jamo Nyfe Trancesend Doors open at 9 PM 21+ with Proper Attire $15.00 Door/ 10.00 Pre-sale VIP List Available through DJ's or Club
Posted on Thursday 29 December 2011 - 22:21:07  by DJ RPG  

Mobile version of

Thinking abt doing a mobile version of the site (so that pages would automatically format for mobile phones/devices). Stay tuned for updates...
Posted on Wednesday 21 December 2011 - 16:25:39  by DJ RPG  

new podcast image!

check out the new podcast image when downloading another episode!
Posted on Friday 02 December 2011 - 00:51:27  by DJ RPG  

iTunes Store podcast display - fixed!

The latest episodes for Trance Journey (#'s 34 and 35) should now show up normally inside the iTunes store & @ :)
Posted on Monday 07 November 2011 - 22:00:10  by DJ RPG  

Episode #35 - up now!

Check it out on iTunes! Tracklist page also (just) updated.

**update: There was just a minor sound/tempo glitch towards the end of the the episode has been replaced with a fixed version. The latest episode should now say "Trance Journey #35 (Edit)". -djrpg
Posted on Wednesday 02 November 2011 - 03:03:48  by DJ RPG  

Episode #35 coming tomorrow!

stay tuned.....Episode #35 will be posted tomorrow!

Many 2011 tracks in the episode. Had to search quite a bit for decent "trance"-sounding tracks. It seems like a lot of "pop"/"tech"/"dance"-like tracks have kind of overwhelmed trance/progressive music in the past 2-3 years. I really like certain tracks fitting in those genres, but probably won't include them in the podcast (very often). This is just because I feel that "Trance Journey" should be mostly comprised of trance (along with some tech-trance, progressive-trance...maybe some progressive house w/ trance-like sounds. It's probably good to have genre-variety in a mix, but playing dance, pop, dubstep, or house in "Trance Journey" and then labeling it "trance" feels misleading.

feel free to comment!
Posted on Tuesday 01 November 2011 - 03:33:46  by DJ RPG  

Episode 35 coming soon

Episode #35 is in the works. Coming soon... 8)

*On the iTunes Music Store podcast page (for Trance Journey), I've noticed that episode #34 is not showing. Not sure why this happened...and why the podcast isn't updating correctly. On the RSS feed (right), episode #34 is shown as the latest episode. On the Zune Music Store and other music stores (besides iTunes), episode #34 is shown as the latest episode - the episode title and info appear o.k., tracklisting appears o.k., download button works. I tried validating the podcast feed using a feed validator, and it returned no errors. I "pinged" the iTunes Music Store a few times, and also sent Apple an email asking what to do.

It's possible to download Episode 34 through iTunes (using "Update Podcast" feature). Not sure why the iTunes Music Store isn't updating. More info will be posted abt this later (when I figure out what to do)....
Posted on Monday 24 October 2011 - 18:00:31  by DJ RPG  
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