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Posted on Thursday 24 July 2008 - 04:02:00  by DJ RPG  

An inside look at how trance journey was produced and why it stopped..

I wrote out some info on how the show was produced over on Randy Boyer's fourms...

check out the thread at:

At some point, either the show will be returning or I will be playing on a radio station. Stay tuned for the update, is not dead! :P
Posted on Monday 21 July 2008 - 14:52:48  by DJ RPG  

Podcast Going on a Break

I apologize, I just don't have the time anymore to mix the podcast. I hope everybody enjoyed the last 22 episodes :)

The show will be going on break until further notice.

--> A revised copy of episode 20 is now posted. I fixed up some loose spots in the episode and also revised my mashup of "Seth Hutton feat. Judie Tzuke - Don't Look Behind You (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Mix)" with "Cressida - 6AM (Kyau & Albert Remix)." I hope you enjoy the high quality revised version! This is the last episode post of the show until the show resumes or another show replaces it.

Posted on Friday 18 July 2008 - 02:36:01  by DJ RPG  

Trance Journey #23 delayed; DJ Curran Oliver to appear on #24

Just wanted to throw out some early notifications...

Trance Journey #23 should be arriving on Monday next week instead of its usual time, which would be later tonight. I apologize for the delay; I have been quite busy with working and communicating with others this week. I should be able to get a completed episode up by Monday night.

Also Trance Journey #24 should be on schedule for Saturday next week, so there will only be a gap of 5 days between episodes. Curran Oliver will be doing his third guest mix for the show and will be featured on this episode. For more info on Curran ahead of the regular episode announcement, please visit
Posted on Saturday 12 July 2008 - 22:06:21  by DJ RPG  

Catching Sun at 6AM Mashup fnished, Trance Journey #23 to feature it!

A few days ago I finished the bootleg mashup of Seth Hutton and Judie Tzuke's "Don't Look Behind You" (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Mix) and Cressida's 6AM (Kyau and Albert Remix). A full preview of the track (stream only) will be available on my myspace within 24 hours.

Also, the mashup will be played on #23, so you'll get to hear a better quality, mastered version in the mix. :D

edit* The mashup preview is up on my myspace page now
Posted on Friday 11 July 2008 - 02:10:07  by DJ RPG  

New Episode of Trance Journey Tonight with Special Guest DarkMemoria; DJ RPG on Rotation #100!

Tonight will be a post of the latest episode of the podcast, with Special Guest DJ DarkMemoria!

I've decided to keep the tracklists covered up until after the post, so you won't see one on the news or in the music section just yet ;). DJ DarkMemoria actually was a regular DJ for the internet radio stations and Radio Danz. He is currently doing a weekly show called Tranceatlantic on Radio Danz, which can be heard through the radio stream section of iTunes.

Some of you may remember I did a mashup of Dash Berlin - Till the Sky Falls Down (Dub) and Mark Sherry - Walk Away (Terry Ferminal Mix), and I just wanted to let it be known that Edwin (DarkMemoria) inspired me to make it. He did the same mashup, however I thought it could have been slightly different/improved. He mixed the two tracks together in the arrangement mode of Ableton Live, creating "Till the Sky Walks Away." I mixed the two tracks together live in Virtual DJ and played around with the crossfading/EQing between them, thus creating "Walk Away When the Sky Falls Down." Both of us like both versions of the mashup, but neither of us were able to get them released...

Also, DJ Addison has just posted Episode 100 of his podcast, Rotation, and I was able to get three of my mashups played!

The three he decided to run in his special "Artist Promo Mix" were:

-Dash Berlin vs. Terry Ferminal vs. Mark Sherry - Walk Away When the Sky Falls Down (DJ RPG Live Mashup)
-Armin van Buuren vs. DJ RPG vs Deadmau5 vs Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren with Retrobyte - Light the Skies in Berlin (Armin van Buuren Mashup) (DJ RPG Extended Mix)
-DJ RPG vs Elevation & Markus Schulz feat. Justine Suissa - Somewhere in the Clear Blue (DJ RPG Mashup)<--New one from Trance Journey #20

*UPDATE* Uploading Now (12:40 AM Sun). Episode should be available for download in around an hour.
*UPDATE x2* Episode has been posted! enjoy!
Posted on Saturday 05 July 2008 - 15:15:16  by DJ RPG  

Trance Journey #21 Post Tonight! And DJ DarkMemoria on Episode 22!

Trance Journey #21 has been mixed, and I'm going to finalize the episode with the narration this evening. You should see it up late tonight or early in the morning, however it may not appear on the iTunes Store until tomorrow or monday. Just right-click on the Podcast and choose "update podcast" if you are using iTunes to get it. You'll be able to download it after it has been fully uploaded. Here is a tracklist preview:

Trance Journey #21

1) 4 Strings - Catch a Fall (First State's Dark Remix)
2) Gareth Emery - This is That
3) Cerf, Mitiska, and Jaren - You Never Said (Dash Berlin Remix)
4) Mike Foyle - Pandora (The Blizzard Remix)
5) Cass Fox - Touch Me (Mike Koglin vs. Jono Grant Remix)
6) Randy Boyer & Kristina Sky - Set it Off (Original Mix)
7) Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Cosmic Gate Remix)
8) First State - Falling (Extended Mix)
9) Orjan Nilsen - La Guitarra (Original Mix)
10) Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms 2008 (Ja Sunrise Mix)

Also, next Saturday DarkMemoria will be doing a special 1 hour guest mix! (link for artist coming soon)

Posted on Saturday 28 June 2008 - 21:49:38  by DJ RPG  

Trance Journey #21 Arriving Saturday

I have made contact with M-Audio, and was notified I'm getting the Xponent back on Friday.

Lookout for a new episode of the podcast on Saturday, which will start the weekly episode schedule!
Posted on Wednesday 25 June 2008 - 18:51:22  by DJ RPG  

News on Trance Journey #21, Xponent being repaired

As mentioned below, my Xponent is currently being repaired by M-Audio. I don't have it back yet, and probably won't be receiving it until early next week. When I get it back, I will be able to mix Trance Journey #21, and jump on the weekly schedule I talked about (All of the episodes minus #17 and #20 have been mixed live on the Xponent controller, using either Virtual DJ or Traktor software). I apologize for the delay on the new episode.

In the meantime, I've been catching up on the new trance and progressive releases. If you've checked out episode 20, you'll see that it contains a lot of classic/older tracks. For the next few episodes, I'm thinking of moving ahead and playing a lot of new '08 releases. In addition to just mixing the podcast, I heavily listen to radio shows such as A State of Trance, Trance Around the World, Anjunabeats Worldwide, and a bunch of iTunes podcasts, including Addison's Rotation and Randy Boyer's BUZZ podcasts, where I can catch up on the new songs being continually released.

Stay Tuned!
Posted on Thursday 19 June 2008 - 15:29:25  by DJ RPG  

Trance Journey #20 is uploading now!

Trance Journey 20 will be available for download in roughly 4 hours. A tracklist for the episode has now been posted.


*EDIT* The Episode is up now! Go check it out!

Note; I forgot to label "As the Rush Comes" as a "DJ RPG Intro Edit," I made the intro you hear at the start, and the chapter doesn't include that tag. Also I did an edit near the end of the mashup because I ran out of time to go with the other concept I had. Hope you like the edit; the full unedited (and probably slightly better sound quality) version should appear on one of the next episodes. The adjusted tracklist is available in the podcast section.
Posted on Friday 13 June 2008 - 07:22:37  by DJ RPG  
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